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As a distributor of laboratory instruments on the Benelux market, Analis is primarily oriented towards research activities, biotechnology applications, medical in vitro diagnostics and quality control. Analis has been involved in supplying and supporting laboratory equipment for the Life Science market.
We are present in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies (from basic research to production), as well as in the agro- and food industry.
Our mission is to provide genetic, proteomics or cellular analysis researchers adequate instruments and proper support tools. Furthermore, by offering a full range of flexible automation systems, we can help you to increase your lab productivity.
Our priority is to give a high level of application and service support.
Analis has a research laboratory : “Analis R&D Diag” which develops Electrophoresis and CE in vitro diagnostic kits (CEOfix™)
Our team offers training, support and assistance including running customer samples.