Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms

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The BCCM collections offer thousands of meticulously characterised isolates and reference strains of bacteria (incl. mycobacteria, cyanobacteria), filamentous fungi and yeasts, but also plasmids, from a huge variety of clinical and environmental sources.
Working under quality controlled conditions, BCCM provides viable organisms or DNA extracts as resources for your research in e.g. pathogenicity, drug development, fermentation, probiotic activity, protective cultures, cell factories; as well as for testing, validation and educational purposes.

On top of invaluable microbiological resources, BCCM also offers a range of services for microbial
analyses. Our specialised staff is ready to help you find the right service for your specific business or academic needs.

Looking for training?
BCCM provides training for groups or individuals, on isolation, cultivation and preservation techniques and on polyphasic identification, taxonomy and classification.

Require more specific services?
Ask BCCM for consultancy & contract research.