Innovation Platforms

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Persomed Towers, FlandersVaccine and RegMed all stimulate cross-domain interactions to enhance concrete collaborations.
Persomed Towers’ goal is to enhance a more efficient and cost effective development and registration of new personalized medicine solutions in infectious diseases, inflammation, regenerative medicine and oncology.

Flanders Vaccine’s primary mission is to build partnerships and provide coordination across relevant actors and sectors to stimulate innovation and supply of vaccines and immunotherapeutics.
The goal of Flanders Vaccine is to build on Belgium’s strengths in human and animal R&D to guide the development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics, with an emphasis on the One Health vision. By organizing cross-fertilization between academic centers as well as by bridging the gap between academic research, SME’s and industry, Flanders Vaccine will be a major facilitator to set-up ground-breaking research.

RegMed - Building a regional community to kick-start a revolution in medicine
The road to sustainable medicine is complex, but Flanders holds all puzzle pieces to kick-start a revolution from curative, over regenerative to preventive, and more personalised medicine. Flanders and its neighbouring regions play a leading role in regenerative and personalised medicine research, translation, industrialisation, dissemination and clinical implementation, in combination with a critical mass of value chain wide stakeholders. Part of the puzzle has already been laid out by the creation and growth of the regional RegMed community. Over the past two years RegMed evolved into a cross-border support basis with international recognition, in combination with hands-on innovation actions by and for its community members.

RegMed wants to become a leading public-private community that, by building on its regional actors, can drive regenerative medicine towards a real industry with clinical applications and a socio-economical return. In practice RegMed brings together cross-regional stakeholders to stimulate discussion and project initiation across the value chain through multi-stakeholder co-creation. In the upcoming year the RegMed community targets to strengthen the collaborative learning process by co-organising cross-border community events, interacting with neighbouring regmed clusters, initiating a European regmed cluster white paper and developing dissemination towards the general public.

Despite being a disruptive medical innovation, regenerative medicine has recently created substantial awareness resulting in a supporting momentum that needs to be fostered by building on the existing community spirit, values and engagements. The growing regional contacts between industry, academics, hospitals, regional governments and general public have the potential to create a coordinating, Euregional RegMed community that will boost regional innovation and will also contribute to dissemination, valorisation and training. Within this setting, RegMed targets to become an interregional hot spot for regenerative medicine.