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ONTOFORCE Semantic Search Solves Big Data problems for Biomedical Research where traditional search fails. ONTOFORCE developed an innovative semantic search engine where everybody becomes a data scientist. Complex data becomes smart and usable. ONTOFORCE started when Founder Hans Constandt was unable to find the right information on specific medical needs of his son. With growing amounts of (open) data, traditional search methods failed to provide useful results and a semantic approach offered more insights. The company, based in Ghent (Belgium) and Cambridge (U.S.), first delivered successful projects to academia and big biotech companies, and is growing rapidly. The online search platform DISQOVER makes a difference because it understands the context of your search. Linking continuously growing amounts of heterogeneous internal and external data in a smart and meaningful way as ONTOFORCE intelligently deciphers and maps the metadata. ONTOFORCE has the support of some reputed research institutes such as iMinds, UCSD, MIT and Harvard Catalyst Group.