Roche Diagnostics

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Roche Diagnostics offers the industry’s broadest range of diagnostic tests. Our pioneering technologies can detect risk of disease, give an accurate diagnosis, predict how disease may progress, and even help prevent disease. We enable the right treatment decision to be made at the first opportunity. To help patients be in control of their chronic conditions, we enable them and their physicians to monitor their treatment. By building successful partnerships with laboratories, we provide the fast and reliable results needed for life-changing decisions. As a leading solution provider in IVD testing, we support you as the one partner including any technologies we have in the centralized and decentralized settings, in molecular and tissue testing as well as automation and IT solutions. We have the power to move beyond diagnosis and reach a new phase of sustainable healthcare in disease prevention and management. And with our leading Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics businesses under one roof, Roche is better positioned to deliver Personalised Healthcare than any other company. The more questions we answer, the more lives we save.