PLENARY TALK II: Brick by brick: an incrementalist view of health system reform

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Alexander Carter - Institute of Global Health Innovation | Imperial College London - Associate Academic at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Short description of the presentation:

Health systems are highly dynamic and complex systems. This is a consequence of ongoing change in the burden of disease facing populations; the rapid evolution of techniques, processes and products available to prevent or treat disease; and political tides that induce system-wide reforms with or without evidence. In this presentation, Alexander Carter will characterise the challenges facing health systems, explaining the incremental change(s) taking place, and introducing promising approaches to market access that can help industry become more resilient.

Biography of the speaker:

Alexander Carter is a research fellow at the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London. His primary research area is health economics and the application of comparative analysis to support rational resource allocation in acute care. Alexander has published research on various topics and in a number of scientific journals. He gives lectures on health system reform and financing healthcare on two Masters programs at Imperial College – Health Policy and Patient Safety – and leads and teaches on two executive programs, which provide training to hospital leaders from China on the use of ‘big data’ for quality improvement. His presentation will provide both a vision and a pragmatic view on how to achieve health system reform.


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