Data & artificial intelligence in E- & M-Health apps: legal & ethical challenges

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Benjamin Docquir, Partner, IT&IP Practice & Ann-Sophie De Graeve, Counsel, IT&IP Practice - Osborne Clarke

Short description of the workshop:

With big data and artificial intelligence, we envision a data revolution in the health care area. Computers and mobile apps promise to become an integral part of the "supply chain", but raise many legal and ethical questions: who owns the data and the prescriptive outputs produced by those AI tools? Are patients still in control of their privacy and personal data? Who is accountable for the use of such techniques ? What are the legal requirements to be complied with by service providers and healthcare professionals?

Biography of the speakers:

  • Benjamin Docquir, Partner, IT&IP Practice, Osborne Clarke

Benjamin is the Head of the IT&IP practice of Osborne Clarke Belgium. Benjamin is an expert in IP and Technology Law. He advises clients in relation to innovative and disruptive projects and accompany them in digital transformation processes, bringing a combined expertise of intellectual property, privacy/data protection and information technology law. Benjamin also has extensive experience in IP licensing in data-driven and other technology sectors. He works for a whole range of national  and international clients, and is also a litigator in relation to his areas of expertise.

  • Ann-Sophie De Graeve, Counsel, IT&IP Practice, Osborne Clarke

Ann-Sophie De Graeve (Counsel) joined Osborne Clarke in 2014 to help build a strong Digital Business practice team in Brussels. She is an expert in all aspects of data protection and IT law (including advisory, transactional and litigation work). In addition, she advises clients on global outsourcing transactions (both contentious and non-litigious), various e-commerce queries and soft IP (including copyright and trade mark related issues). Ann-Sophie has advised a wide range of multinational companies, with a particular emphasis on modern technology and life sciences companies. She was seconded to the legal department of a large outsourcing company in Brussels in 2008 (six months) and later on to the legal department of a large pharmaceutical company in Switzerland in 2011 (four months), giving her a unique insight into her client’s perspectives.


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