PodGuard: a game-changing technology for Canola

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Benjamin Laga - Head of Trait Discovery, Bayer CropScience

Short description of the presentation:

Podshatter represents a major challenge for canola farmers. Under adverse weather conditions close to harvest, farmers may lose easily 25% or more of the yield due to opening of the pods, releasing the seed. Cutting the crop prematurily is common practice in Canada but represents extra cost and work and moreover cuts off nutrient flow required for ripening. Based on genes discovered that are involved in fruit opening, Bayer developed a mutation-based solution that is now commercialized and revolutionizes the way canola is being cultivated.

Biography of the speaker:

Benjamin is Head of Trait Discovery at Bayer CropScience, managing the multidisciplinary discovery team (staff) and platform (infrastructure and technology) for plant trait discovery research
; developing the strategic competency, operational and capital expenditures required to build a state-of-art phase 0 research platform
 and ensuring strategic partnerships in field of technology development with academia and 3d parties.

He is also a Member of the Global Futures Council of the WEF (Future of Biotechnology working group). The World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Future Councils is an invitation-based interdisciplinary knowledge network dedicated to promoting innovative thinking on the future.

Honors and Awards: The Otto Bayer Medal recognizes the outstanding achievements of scientists at the Bayer Group. The medal is awarded for successful research contributions to new products, applications and innovative technologies. The Otto Bayer Medal is presented every two years and the ceremony is attended by about 800 researchers. The wide spectrum of projects recognized by the award underlines the overriding importance of research at the Group. The 2016 Otto Bayer Medal was awarded to the Podshatter team.


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