What data connects the patient with diagnostics and personalized medicine?

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Filip Pattyn - Scientific Lead, Ontoforce

Short description of the workshop:

We arrived in a new era of drug therapies that are better understood, well defined and targeting more specifically to and thus tailored for a specific subset of patients. Eligible patients receive an improved treatment with better outcomes and less side effects amongst others … but the patient (and his/her entourage) needs to find the best fitting therapy and vice versa. New, promising therapies are continuously emerging and it’s hard as a physician or a patient to keep track. Also researchers have problems to keep the overview of the triangle of therapies, indications and targets. Moreover it’s important to have proper diagnostics to be able to detect who could be treated efficiently with these new therapies.

During this workshop, we will take you step by step through the challenges of mining the continuously growing amount of private and public data. The goal is to demonstrate an innovative approach how to find treatments, clinical studies and diseases linked to information about next-gen diagnostics. We will also demonstrate how sensitive medical health record data, available in a private environment, can be securely linked to the structured wealth of public data available in our public DISQOVER platform ( This is meant to be an interactive workshop where you will be able to search for the therapies or diseases you are interested in.

Biography of the speaker:

  • Product manager and bioinformatician at ONTOFORCE nv
  • More than 12 years experience in life sciences: medical genetics, cancer genomics, bioinformatics degrees in bioscience engineering, applied informatics, molecular biotechnology and a PhD in medical sciences


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