Lignin and carbohydrate extraction from locally available biomasses

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Hendrik Waegeman - Business Developer, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Short description of the presentation:

Based in Ghent, Belgium, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is one of Europe's first pilot and demonstration plants for bio-based products. Founded in 2009 and operational since 2011, it has grown to a leading initiative that serves small and large companies to bridge the gap in the innovation chain and bring innovative products faster to the market. Since 2011, BBEPP has been involved in more than 250 projects with over 100 companies from around the globe. This presentation will show some case studies of projects where Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant was involved in as scale up partner.

Biography of the speaker:

Hendrik Waegeman obtained a master degree in biochemical engineering at Ghent University (2007) and holds a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences-Chemical Engineering (2011), also obtained at Ghent University. During his doctoral research he metabolically engineered Esherichia coli to improve recombinant protein production. During his post-doctoral research, Hendrik Waegeman was involved in a number of projects that focused on the fermentative production of specialty carbohydrates and in 2012 he was guest lecturer at the University of Incheon, South-Korea where he lectured a course on Metabolic Engineering and Modelling of Micro-organisms. Since then, he has a position at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, a multi-purpose pilot facility in the Port of Ghent in Belgium where he currently works as Head of Business Development.


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