Enabling medical innovation from high-impact science: VIB’s translational research programs

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Jérôme Van Biervliet - Senior Business Development Manager & Manager VIB Discovery Sciences

Short description of the presentation:

Jerome Van Biervliet will illustrate the investments VIB is making to bridge the gap between academic discoveries and industry-ready development projects. In particular, through a recent build-up of a professional drug discovery team and set-up, VIB is now in a position to start early drug and agrochemical discovery projects in parallel to exciting scientific projects. VIB aims to further validate these targets and to create value for partners and VIB on early assets. As such, more of the scientific breakthroughs will translate to actual innovations reaching society.

Biography of the speaker:

Jerome Van Biervliet is a biotechnology professional with a mixed background in clinical internal medicine specialty practice, high impact science, strategic business consultancy, early drug discovery and business development in the biotech / pharma industry in globally leading environments.
He trained at Cornell University, KU Leuven, Ghent University and Vlerick Business school.
He was a Consultant at Bain & Company stategic business consultancy (private equity) and is currently leading Business Development at VIB, an entrepreneurial research institute.


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