CAM-RIT: CAMelid Radio-Immuno Therapeutics

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Jens De Vos - Co-founder, Camel-IDS NV

Short description of the presentation:

At Camel-IDS, we develop camelid radio-immuno therapeutics for cancer patients. Our proprietary technology platform is based on the unique characteristics of the camelid immune system and allows fast and specific delivery of therapeutic radiation to cancer cells, while sparing healthy tissues.

Our selected products constitute a new class of anti-cancer drugs combining effective targeting of cancer cells with an excellent safety profile. Their theranostic feature, whereby the same compound can be used for both imaging and therapy, embodies the ultimate form of personalized medicine.

The first lead compound is a radiopharmaceutical drug for treatment of Her2 positive cancer, aimed at offering oncologists new treatment options in both breast & gastric cancer. For this lead compound, a Camel-IDS sponsored Phase 1 trial in Her2 positive breast cancer is currently ongoing.

Biography of the speaker:

Jens De Vos holds a PhD in Bio-Engineering Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). For his PhD research he developed camelid-derived antibody fragments as molecular imaging agents.
After his PhD he co-founded the spin-off company Camel-IDS NV, attracting both public and private investments to develop cancer therapeutics.
As Chief Operating Officer he is responsible for the daily operations and management in Camel-IDS.
Currently he is following an eMBA at the Vlerick management school.


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