micro-Chip based chromatography: new paradigm for proteomic and metabolomic profiling

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Johan Devenyns - Managing Director, Pharmafluidics

Short description of the presentation:

PharmaFluidics develops and commercializes µPAC®, Pillar Array Columns with highly ordered, monolithic chromatography separation beds, produced by semiconductor fabrication technology; these are essentially devoid of peak dispersion and have a much lower back-pressure build-up than legacy packed columns.

With unprecedented analytical resolution performance, PharmaFluidics’ µPAC® micro-Chip based chromatography cartridges allow to detect more molecules, with higher sensitivity, in tiny, complex biological samples.

Examples for cell tryptic digests and plant tissue extracts demonstrate that - when used in combination with state-of-the-art nano LC / MS instrumentation - PharmaFluidics µPAC® cartridges achieve substantial advantages in peak capacity and number of identifications, compared to best-in-class legacy capillary columns.

PharmaFluidics collaborates with an extensive network of centers of excellence and pioneer users to develop applications for proteomic and metabolic profiling, indispensable tools for bio-marker and drug discovery, bio-pharmaceuticals development, toxicology, and crop selection and breeding programs.

Biography of the speaker:

Johan Devenyns joined PharmaFluidics in 2016, with a long-standing international management experience in the chemicals and life-sciences industries. Johan obtained a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, later complemented with a Business Degree. He held senior positions in business development, finance and management in the Solvay Group; from 2007 onwards, he held board positions in group affiliates, privately held and listed entities, and at, an industry association.
Prior to joining PharmaFluidics, Johan Devenyns managed a Peptides & Nucleotides contract manufacturing businesses, with operations in Belgium, Germany and the US, and played a key role in their consolidation and sale.


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