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Joris Schuurmans - CEO, MyCartis

Short description of the presentation:

MyCartis is a privately held immunoassay company that provides robust solutions for running fast and highly sensitive assays for assessing a patient’s biomarker signature. To achieve this, MyCartis has developed an innovative, unique and proprietary platform called Evalution™, which assesses a patients’ immune system responses to provide novel, precise and personalized clinical information for the benefit of researchers and clinicians.
With its Evalution™ platform based on Dynamic Multi-Analyte Technology (DMAT™), MyCartis provides an open technology and software that enables both custom development and straightforward deployment of fast, sensitive and multiplex assays for laboratories with R&D or clinical focus.
To serve the research community, MyCartis offers companies the opportunity to develop their assays on the Evalution™ platform. Additionally, MyCartis also develops its own novel applications with focus on simpler assay workflows using the unique features and capabilities offered by Evalution™. MyCartis commercial strategy is focused to meet future diagnostic needs in the allergy, cardiology, neurodegenerative disease and auto-immune disorders sub-segments of the IVD immunoassay market.

Biography of the speaker:

Joris Schuurmans is a broadly experienced Life Sciences Executive, with a track record in molecular diagnostics and the biopharmaceutical industry. He worked for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and emerging companies like Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson Company), Biocartis and MDxHealth.
He holds a master’s degree in the field of science in Chemical Engineering awarded by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) located in the Netherlands.
In 2015 Joris Schuurmans joined MyCartis as CEO to lead the company’s transition from focus on R&D to a commercial company. MyCartis’ Evalution™ platform, with its real-time multiplex analysis capabilities, is well positioned to capitalize on the industry’s shift towards a syndromic panels approach in the immuno-assay space.


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