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Matt McLoughlin, Mark Livingstone & Frederik Deroose - Senior Directory for Compliance / European Marketplace Specialist / VP Business Development,

Short description of the workshop:

Join us for a hands-on demonstration of how you can use outsourcing to access the latest research innovations, save time, save money and ensure ethical compliance.

Biography of the speakers:

Matt McLoughlin is the Senior Directory for Compliance at  Within this role Matt has led the cross-industry development of a human biospecimen acquisition platform, COMPLI™, that helps researchers quickly acquire the human samples they need for their research projects, but also ensures that all biosamples are treated in an ethically compliant way that respects the wishes of the sample donor. COMPLI™ establishes a rigorous compliance and governance framework that increases visibility, traceability and control for commercial and academic sources of human biospecimens. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 16 years. For 15 years he worked within AstraZeneca (AZ), spending 12 years as a senior scientist working in R&D Genetics and Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers before moving to Procurement to become the Global Category Manager for Human Biological Samples (HBS). Within this role he implemented a new category strategy that transformed the compliance, visibility, traceability and accessibility to HBS for scientists across the global AZ geographic footprint.

Mark Livingstone is the European Marketplace Specialist at and based in Paris, France. In this role, Mark encourages European scientists to use the Scientist virtual marketplace for acquisition of custom products and research services and is involved in developing European business partnerships. Mark's career has taken him from Boston to Montreal to Paris. In Boston, Mark was one of the original employees at Cell Signaling Technology where he worked as a bench scientist developing hundreds of the world's first phospho-specific antibodies for research. After obtaining a PhD in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Mark held a post-doctoral position within the Immunology Department at Institut Pasteur in Paris. More recently, Mark has obtained an MBA from France's top business school and has worked in various European business development and sales roles for companies performing scientific services and marketing products for life science research.

Frederik Deroose is VP Business Development at Frederik has more than 20 years of experience in drug discovery. Most of his career he built at Janssen Pharmaceutica (part of Johnson & Johnson) where he developed both scientific and managerial experience. Frederik has been a key contributor in discovery programs and inventor of multiple New Molecular Entities in the field of Inflammation, Neuroscience and Oncology. He has a broad experience in outsourcing and collaborations. Within Janssen he has set up a network of external biology and DMPK CRO’s, next to implementing the medicinal chemistry outsourcing strategy. Frederik was responsible for facilitating the seamless end-to-end contract management process for all types of scientific collaborations at Johnson and Johnson. Together with his team he was overseeing and coordinating all required steps in setting up contracts, including request intake, vendor scouting, healthcare compliance up to contract termination and close-out. In 2012, he joined Asclepia as CEO of the company founded by his partner in 2009. This company offers medicinal chemistry oriented research and services by designing and delivering innovative, therapeutically relevant, drug-like compounds. Asclepia offers outsourcing expertise in pharma, and has in depth expertise in the coordination of virtual discovery programs using the platform for 5 years in a very successful way.
In 2012, he joined (formerly Assay Depot) as part of the Business Development team, and will continue to enabling life science researchers to Outsource Everything but The Genius™. Frederik is supporting in lowering barriers to scientific innovation and pioneering a new, cost-effective approach to drug research.


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