Building upon patient expertise to become truly patient centric

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Mitchell Silva - CEO & Co-Founder, Esperity

Short description of the presentation:

Patient centricity has gotten a lot of attention lately. There is more and more evidence on how patient engagement can benefit the various stages in the drug development cycle. This presentation will give some pragmatic examples of how patient expertise can be used to create insight to improve the patient experience and outcomes. Learn where to pay attention to when engaging with patients and what type of patient education programs can be used.

Biography of the speaker:

Mitchell is co-founder of Esperity and Patient Universe, platforms to encourage patients to find peer support, find clinical trials and to promote self-tracking.  He also is a patient expert, participating in and organising patient partnership programs aiming at including patient input during the design phase of new services for patients. Mitchell is also the chair of the Belgian EUPATI national platform and a board member of ReumaNet.  He has a PhD in bio-engineering from the KULeuven.


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