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Neal Gutterson - Vice President, Research and Development, DuPont Pioneer

Short description of the presentation:

Today’s consumers across the globe are demanding a healthier food supply, produced in environmentally healthier ways. Consumers can count on the agricultural industry to deliver the quality and amount of food needed in both the developed and developing world as we transform agriculture through new data streams and data analytics.

DuPont Pioneer has been enabling farmers to deliver higher quality and quantity of food for over 90 years through improved genetics and agronomic insights. Our ability to deliver has improved significantly in the past decade, and the pace of that improvement is accelerating. In that time we have deepened our understanding of the genomes of the products we sell and the performance of agricultural systems based on those genomes. This is the foundation for agricultural transformation. Three specific ways in which we are transforming agriculture will be reviewed:

  • Acceleration of genetic improvement through computational tools;
  • Targeted breeding based on genomic insights;
  • Accelerated improvement of farmer productivity through predictive agriculture.

Biography of the speaker:

Neal Gutterson, Ph.D., is vice president, Research and Development (R&D) and is a member of the DuPont Pioneer Leadership Team. In this capacity, Neal leads all R&D and product development functions to create innovative agricultural products, services and integrated solutions which combine Pioneer’s industry-leading germplasm, breeding systems, biotechnology-derived solutions, and data analytics.

Neal built his career through a series of progressively more senior research and development roles at biotechnology start-up companies, including Advanced Genetic Sciences and DNA Plant Technology Corporation. In 2002, he joined Mendel Biotechnology as vice president, Research & Development. Neal served as president, chief executive officer and board member of Mendel Biotechnology prior to joining DuPont Pioneer in 2014.

Neal has an extensive history of professional memberships, and he currently sits on the CIMMYT Board of Trustees where he is program committee chair. He is also widely published in scientific journals and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

Neal holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Yale University and a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He has also attended the Stanford Business School Emerging Companies Executive Program. Neal is named inventor on more than 30 patents and pending patent applications.


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