From laboratory to industry: rational approach for the production of biologics

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Philippe Ledent - Scientific Manager, Xpress Biologics

Short description of the presentation:

Based in Liège, Belgium, Xpress Biologics is a Contract Development Organization specialized in the production of biologics (proteins and DNA) for the preclinical market. In order to improve the product safety and efficacy while increasing the manufacturing efficiency, rational development strategies inspired by a QbD approach are defined. The use of high-throughput technologies, from the evaluation of expression systems to the development of the upstream and downstream processes including the quality controls, will also be presented.

Biography of the speaker:

Philippe was graduated in 1995 with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Liège in Belgium. He studied at the Centre for Protein Engineering the resistance mechanisms developed by bacteria against β-lactam antibiotics. He acquired extensive expertise in molecular biology, fermentation, protein purification and characterization.

After an additional year at the University of Liège where he studied thermodynamical and kinetic properties of enzymes produced by extremophile microorganisms, Philippe began to work in 1996 as Scientist at the Unit of Bioengineering at University of Louvain-la-Neuve in the field of environmental biotechnology.

In 1999, he became R&D Manager at Realco, a SME based in Louvain-la-Neuve, a company active in the development of enzyme and microorganism based products for household and industry applications, including wastewater treatment and farming applications.

Philippe joined Eurogentec in November 2002 first as Project Leader in the Process Transfer & Development department. In 2007, he managed that department whose activities were the development of fermentation and purification processes including the development of the analytical tools for the monitoring of the different upstream and downstream steps and the characterization of the final product.

In April 2014, Philippe founded with two Partners the company called Xpress Biologics, a new Contract Service Organization based in Liège, dedicated to the production of biomolecules including recombinant proteins, antibody fragments and plasmid DNA, for therapeutic and vaccine applications in the fields of human and veterinary healthcare as well as in diagnostic.


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