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Pieter De Wilde - CCO, Unitron Group

Short description of the presentation:

Success depends on a lot of different aspects, and for sure hard work is one of them. After years of research you have identified a new product opportunity in the market. The conceptual new technology approach has proven to be more than useful. There is a market exiguous to experience the new added value. What new steps has to be taken to finally reach the market?
You look for expertise on every aspect of the new born product. You want to assure  a bright future for its own product lifecycle. It’s about making the right connections in a network of long lasting relations.  A balance between Time To Market and Return On Investment starts. Managing the expectations during  a not always predictable  progress  is energy consuming.
This presentation outlines an existing case. New technology, came out of the university and was looking for its own place on the market. During this process, researchers, product specialists and investors worked closely together and defined an innovative approach.

Biography of the speaker:

Pieter De Wilde (°1980) is the commercial director of Unitron Group BV. He has a broad experience in life science, medical certification and in the process of market introduction of new technology. With his background in product development, innovation and entrepreneurship, he collaborates with several companies in their journey to the market.
Unitron Group BV supports its customers with the creation of sustainable innovation. As a production company Unitron has a dedication to the lifecycle of the product in its dynamic ecosystem.


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