Cracking the mysteries of Life Sciences using machine learning, high performance computing and Amazon web services

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Robrecht Dewaele - CTO, XAOP

Short description of the workshop:

Join XAOP in our first interactive Satellite Workshop and learn about the benefits of using Machine Learning, High Performance Computing and Amazon Web Services in the field of Life Sciences.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is becoming a more popular term by the day - but what does it mean, exactly? And how could Machine Learning contribute to the field of Life Sciences? XAOP aims to address these questions together with our Satellite Workshop participants in an introductory AWS training demo.

Participants will be able to explore the possibilities offered by Amazon Web Services, guided by our CTO and scientific analyst each step of the way. Using a simulated series of scientific events, XAOP will demonstrate not only the powerful opportunities AWS can offer in the field of Life Sciences, but also how much further we can go combining these services with Machine Learning and HPC.

Biography speaker:

Robrecht Dewaele has a Master's Degree in Applied Sciences and Engineering: Computer Science with Great Distinction from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2012-2014). He has been working at XAOP as CTO and Software Engineer since 2014, turning his love for computers into a career in coding while his need for speed led him to develop strong interests in low-level programming.


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