Cure of severe immune mediated disease by cutting their roots: a new treatment paradigm for treatment and prevention

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Yves Lobet - Head of Project Management, Imcyse

Short description of the presentation:

The Imcyse technology platform will be discussed and put in perspective with other types of treatment and immunotherapies, using Type 1 diabetes as example.

Biography of the speaker:

Yves Lobet, PhD, is Head of Project Management at Imcyse since September 2015. Imcyse is a rapidly growing biotech company developing an active specific immunotherapy technology platform (ImotopesTM) offering multiples opportunities such as the treatment and prevention of autoimmune or allergic diseases as well as the downregulation of the immune response against immunogenic drugs.
Before joining the Imcyse team, he worked for 25 years at GSK Vaccines in various positions linked to vaccine development and encompassing discovery, preclinical development, early/late project leader-ship/management, external collaborations identification and management, as well as competitive inteligence. Prior to joining GSK, Yves conducted research on bacterial toxins during three years at the US National Institutes of Health, as a Fogarty fellow. He graduated as a bioengineer and earned his PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain.


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