Introducing a new Tool in Qualifying Temperature Assurance Packaging System for a Safe and Reliable Transport of Health Matters

Careful management of resources is important and special care is required upon transportation. Blood and other biological products are extremely sensitive and become less effective, or even destroyed, when exposed to temperatures outside the recommended range. Because every degree matters, defining appropriate transport conditions is mandatory.

Operational and performance qualification are essential parts of quality assurance through equipment validation steps, but there are no standards for the suitability of transport conditions for sensitive products. Assistance in recommending the appropriate parcel for transportation would be beneficial to all of us.

A variety of different parcels are now available to transport biological samples at constant optimal temperature. However, selecting the right shipping equipment for the job is cumbersome, time-consuming and very costly. Worst, parcels may not have been tested against a representative product volume, nor has been challenged against extreme temperatures that may be experienced outside of the standard shipping lane or location and number of loggers used for testing have not been indicated. Here, we propose a mix of tools that would help you choose the most appropriate packaging product among thousands that would just fit to your query.

Raising awareness is mandatory, because a parcel is not just a parcel. We firmly believe that this tool could revolutionize the packaging industry. A thorough understanding of temperature-controlled packaging needs will ensure the best packaging system is chosen to provide the necessary protection for valuable temperature-sensitive shipments.


Laurent Dollé


BWB (Biothèque Wallonie Bruxelles) Department of Pathology Erasme Hospital, Day Hospital (Road 950), Lennik Road 808, ULB, 1070 Brussel, Belgium

Presenting author

Laurent Dollé, Managing Director, BWB (Biobanking Wallonia Brussels)
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