Optimizing clinical trial in het OLV Hospital

OLV Hospital is one of the best known medical facilities in all Belgium which earned an outstanding reputation also across the world particularly in the field of cardiology, urology cardiovascular surgery, neurology.

Aim & Methods
We know that every second counts for patients, this is what drives us to provide financial resource in 2018 to develop a Clinical Research Unit (CRU) in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other ethics guidelines.
Innovation Research, Patient Care, Compliance & Regulation and Education are the four cornerstones of our CRU at Aalst .
The goal of the CRU is to provide resources and services to advance research and inform the clinical practice. This could be accomplished when the CRU becomes a focal point for clinical trials by standardizing institutional policies, introducing clinical trials billing and by improving financial management of clinical trials.

The driving force behind the success of our CRU is mentioned in the following points :

  • our ethics committee which has received the recognition to assess EUDRACT studies for both phase1 and phase 2 and 3 studies in 2019 and 2020 as fully recognized ethics committee. This recognition is A part of the law of 7 May 2017 that makes it possible for an EUDRACT study by our ethics committee to be valid for the other European member states .
  • The expertise in several fields : 1-As the robotic surgery in Urology , Gynaecology 2-Cardiology with OLV Heart Centre approved to perform percutaneous repairs of the mitral valve leaflet coaptation 3-The oncologist expertise in PROs (patient reported outcomes) measuring which improve the value care delivered in oncology department 4-CRU staff are uniquely trained to carry out research protocols with an emphasis on patient safety and research quality

We put all our efforts into developing and delivering ground breaking and innovation to the clinical trial in our CRU in order to attract more sponsors attention, more funding to improve the patient’s life quality .Keywords : Central research unit, patient care, research quality, standardization.


Ielham Hadad
Frank Staelens


Department of Clinical trial , Moorselbaan 164, 9300 Aalst, Belgium

Presenting author

hadad ielham, clinical trial manager, Department of Clinical trial , Moorselbaan 164, 9300 Aalst, Belgium
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