VersaTile technology

Many life science companies are continuously searching for modular biologicals (e.g., antibodies, vaccines, biopolymers, enzymes…) with novel functions or improved properties such as higher activity, higher stability or higher specificity under specific conditions. The VersaTile technology is a comprehensive methodology for the high-throughput combinatorial design of such modular biomolecules accompanied by automated screening capabilities.

The VersaTile technology comprises two steps: (1) the generation of a collection of Tiles that correspond to the modules by VersaTile Cloning; (2) combinatorial assembly of these Tiles in a rational, semi-random or random manner with VersaTile Shuffling. With the VersaTile technology hundreds, thousands or millions of variants can be created ready for analysis, outcompeting current approaches to synthesize those variants by gene synthesis or advanced DNA assembly techniques in terms of speed, efficiency and costs. In addition, all available mutagenesis methods are compatible with the VersaTile technology leading to a generic approach for biomolecule design. This platform technology is applicable for any DNA sequence encoding modular proteins and literally implements a click & play approach to construct a practically infinite number of variants of modular biologicals applicable in many fields of the life science industry.

Patent: WO 2018/114980 A1 Key words: synthetic biology modular biomolecule design enzyme technology high throughput biomolecule shuffling antibody


Dennis Grimon
Yves Briers


Protein Technologies IOF consortium, Ghent university

Presenting author

Dennis Grimon, Development engineer, UGent
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