Akcelis offers different ‘patient centric’ services in Europe:


1. Patient Recruitment for clinical trials (https://akcelis.com/patient-recruitment)

Akcelis offers high-quality services in patient recruitment for clinical trials within Europe. We have the online tools and expertise to accelerate patient recruitment strategy using social media and other online advertisement channels for European countries.


EU expertise and reach

We are located within the Benelux, making us the experts in EU privacy laws, laws with respect to patient recruitment, advertisement possibilities, patient groups, local hospitals, ... 


Flexible prequalification process: online and telephone prequalification

For each trial we can set up a custom advertisement campaign, build a dedicated study webpage on our in-house developed C-Lys patient platform (www.c-lys.com), prequalify possible candidates (online + telephone), and refer prequalified candidates to nearby clinical trial sites.


 2. Patient Surveys (https://akcelis.com/patient-surveys)

Upfront patient surveys can help to overcome barriers to recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials. 


Surveys amongst the study target population help to learn more about:

  • the attitude towards clinical studies in general and more specifically towards the study protocol  
  • potential recruitment issues due to inclusion/exclusion criteria, travelling problems, ...
  • potential retention issues due to the study burden, the number of visits, ...

We have the knowledge and tools to perform multilingual patient surveys across Europe.


 3. Health communication (https://akcelis.com/health-communication)

Akcelis offers a unique vision of health communication thanks to the high experience in healthcare products (drugs, biotechnology, functional foods) combined with an in-depth understanding of the patient and consumer.


Understanding the patients is the starting point for everything. We interact with your patients! Our services include:

  • Direct-to-patient communication: disease awareness, prevention campaigns, patient education, social networks content design and management (eg facebook communities around a specific disease), ...
  • Social media content design and management
  • Informed consent writing
  • Educational videos



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