anaRIC biologics

anaRIC biologics

anaRIC biologics

anaRIC is an independent, Belgian-based CRO supporting biotech & pharma companies with top quality, tailor-made analytical services.


We help expedite your drug development process by applying our expert knowledge for a wide array of pharmaceutical products, including small molecules (NCEs & generics), cell-based medicinal products & biologics (NBEs & biosimilars) (e.g. example mAbs, mAb variants, ADCs, recombinant proteins, peptides, vaccines & oligonucleotides).


Working closely with our customers, we understand how in-depth product understanding and drug development expertise are critical attributes for success.


Obtaining  a comprehensive analytical insight is a continuous process and its scope evolves with each new step during development, across non-GMP and GMP activities.


Our state-of-the art solutions cover lead selection, product identification & characterization, method development-optimization-validation-transfer, release & stability (GMP), comparability, troubleshooting & consultancy.


We are ready to tackle your analytical challenges as a reliable & flexible extension of your own team.
Our scientifically-driven, proactive approach and continuous involvement create a powerful learning platform.


anaRIC ensures you have the right data available at the right time! Strategic Partners Supporting Partners