Together with the donor we ensure a better life for patients


Sanquin Blood Supply handles the blood supply in the Netherlands on a not-for-profit basis, meeting the highest quality, safety and cost-effectiveness standards. Sanquin is a centre of expertise in the field of blood and conducts scientific and clinical research in the fields of transfusion medicine, haematology and immunology. This knowledge is applied to the development and manufacture of a variety of pharmaceutical products, diagnostic tests and services.


Our activities include:

  • collecting and processing donor blood and plasma;
  • developing and producing (plasma) pharmaceutical products;
  • conducting high-quality scientific research;
  • developing and performing a multitude of diagnostic services;
  • developing and producing blood grouping reagents and immune reagents.


At Sanquin, doctors, pharmacists, researchers, production workers and technicians all work under one roof. Quality and innovation therefore go hand in hand.


Contract research & co-development

Our contract research services meet a growing demand to support our customers around the world in solving specific medical needs. As such, these kinds of activities are often straightforward and clearly defined requests within a limited time frame. We are used to work with customized, unequivocal and clear standards using innovative techniques.


Through co-development activities we aim to create added value to the technology or a product of our partners often for mutual benefit; 'to share is to multiply'. Strategic Partners