Unitron Group B.V.

Unitron Group B.V.

Unitron Group B.V.

Unitron is a high-end manufacturer of devices in the lifescience market. An innovative partner of leading quality-driven market players, Unitron operates in various medical markets around the world.


The production of medical - and laboratory devices is Unitron’s core business, from development, prototyping and production engineering to the production and assembly of complete devices.


Unitron supports and advices its customers with CE support for IVDR, MDD and MDR directive. In the medical devices market, technical and technological developments take place in rapid succession.


Unitron works together with partners to achieve breakthroughs in the areas of technical solutions, cost efficiency and logistics.


Unitron plays an active role in the research, cure, care and lifescience market and has a proven track record in the development and production of medical and laboratory devices.


Knowledge sharing

At Unitron we believe that sharing knowledge and experiences drives quality forward. Characteristic of Unitron is a continuous pursuit of optimal production and a no-fail end product. Unitron challenges all stakeholders to be critical and initiate improvement proposals with regard to technology, cost and quality.



Unitron is a stable and financially healthy company that operates within an extensive network, both nationally and internationally. We also maintain close contact with leading research and knowledge institutes. This yields business opportunities for our partners and possibilities to develop partnerships in order to create an environment of knowledge sharing and co-operation.

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