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Lissa Van Hecke

Event Coordinator

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Participants at knowledge for growth can make use of the partneringONE® system. EBD Group's partneringONE® is a turnkey partnering solution for life science conferences. It enables delegates to efficiently identify potential partners, and pre-arrange and conduct one-to-one meetings. Access to the tool is included in the GENERAL DELEGATE & EXHIBITOR fees.

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Partnering Tool

Partnering Tool

Your login will be provided within a few workdays after registration. 
Full partnering, including requesting meetings and setting your availability, will become available approximately six weeks before the event. All registered participants will be informed as soon as partnering opens.

One week prior to the event we will start scheduling your agreed meetings, based on participants’ availability. We aim to ensure everyone has the maximum number of meetings during the conference.

Your personal schedule will then be updated daily, including updates during the event. You can check your schedule for updates and locations, at the partnering terminals or the Partnering Desk on site or on your mobile device.

Contact: For questions relating to your scheduled meetings or company profile please contact Jancee Clark, Project Manager, Partnering Services at EBD Group.

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