Patient engagement in clinical research & development

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focusing on creating value for people living with neurology, immunology and bone conditions. We are highly committed to improving patient lives and successfully addressing unmet patient needs. Everything we do starts with one simple question, ""how will this make a difference for people living with severe diseases?"". We strive to answer this by first collecting patient insights on disease burden, treatment burden and clinical benefit expectations and then using these in meaningful patient co-creation and engagement activities with patients and patient advocacy groups along the entire medicines development process.

A prime example of the above is our patient partnering strategy and patient preferred clinical studies in clinical development. It is based on two pillars : (1) patient engagement to ensure patient informed study design and conduct and (2) patient experience to understand and optimize patient experience within clinical studies. Our clinical studies would be co-created with patients around unmet need and provide an empathetic and satisfying experience for the trial participants. This approach should lead to better patient retention in studies and fewer amendments. This all serves the purpose of accelerating clinical development and if success, delivering the right drug to the right patient in a timely manner.

In line with the above, we are also implementing patient surveys in our clinical trial programs in order to evaluate the patient experience through the UCB clinical trial journey. Insights gathered from the surveys will help us understand the topics of patients' priorities and concerns and how UCB can propose solutions to enable greater participation of patients in clinical research.

Further along the drug development continuum, we gathered feedback from patients and physicians on the importance of access to medical information once clinical trial data is available. This led to the inclusion of plain language summaries in selected UCB peer-reviewed publications as a new best practice. This supplements our existing practice as one of the first companies to co-create lay language summaries of clinical study results with patients and provide them online.

UCB aims to collaborate with patients throughout the clinical development process. We strive to bring improved and differentiated solutions that offer unique outcomes that matter to patients while providing a positive treatment experience.


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