The next generation biomolecular interaction toolbox: the FOx Biosystems technology for label free, fast labelled or molecular amplification assays of protein, DNA and cells in crude samples

In this abstract, we present an innovative platform which has several advantages to increase the efficiency of pharmaceutical research and development and that allows flexible bioprocess monitoring. A fiber optic surface plasmon resonance (FO-SPR) sensor was developed as a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative for the expensive and more complex SPR systems. The FO-SPR sensor was already successfully demonstrated in numerous applications for protein, cells and DNA-based bioassays: therapeutic drug monitoring of biologicals, quantification of contaminants, hormones and pathogens in food, DNA mutation analysis, amplification and quantification. Measurements were done directly in 50% diluted blood/serum samples or food matrices (milk, chocolate), drastically reducing the sample preparation. Furthermore, the reaction kinetics of the specific biomolecular interactions, calculated with FO-SPR, are similar to the reference technologies. Moreover, time-to-result of the immunoassays (7-15 min) are comparable with lateral flow assays while PCR is combined with melting analysis in a one-step DNA-based assay. In summary, the innovative FO-SPR platform holds the capacity for: (i) quantifying small molecules, protein and DNA biomarkers, (ii) measuring the kinetics or activity of the bioreceptor-target (DNA-DNA, protein-protein, protein-cells and DNA-protein) binding reactions, (iii) fast turnaround times of the implemented bioassay and (iv) integration of signal amplification strategies with nanoparticles. The advantages of combining a simple-to-use and low cost instrument with fast responses, minimal sample preparation and automation render the FO-SPR technology as a flexible and reliable life science research and bioprocess monitoring instrument (


Filip Delport (1)
Devin Daems (2)
Dragana Spasic (2)
Filip Frederix (1)
Jeroen Lammertyn (2)


FOx Biosystems (1)
Biosensor research group, MeBioS, KU Leuven (2)

Presenting author

Filip Delport, managing director, FOx Biosystems
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