For the twentieth edition of Knowledge for Growth, we continue delivering the latest insights and fruitful connections via a hybrid format, with a strong focus on the in-person experience.
On Thursday 16 May 2024, you can join live panel debates, top level keynotes, company pitches, an Academic Showcase and more! 

After a busy programme, we conclude with a pleasant closing reception for all, and invite you to join us at our walking dinner.



The central theme this year is 'Celebrating Life Sciences’. This theme serves as a testament to’s role in fostering growth within the vibrant Belgian life sciences ecosystem for the past 20 years.

However, more than just marking this significant milestone, this celebration extends to recognising the invaluable role that human expert knowledge in biology contributes to advancements in life sciences.

We therefore want to emphasise and celebrate how biology is being used across industries ranging from biopharmaceuticals, to agriculture and food. This by reflecting on how far we have come in unravelling and engineering biology. But also by envisioning the future in light of opportunities it holds to address challenges such as climate change, sustainable food supply, environmental and human health. For that, both potential barriers and promising synergies will be explored. 

Stay tuned for programme updates and get ready to join us in the celebration! 



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