Andrej Michalík, PhD and Koen Vanhalst, PhD

Andrej Michalík, PhD and Koen Vanhalst, PhD

Andrej Michalík, PhD and Koen Vanhalst, PhD

- Declercq & Partners

Both speakers hail from a scientific biotech background, having primary degrees in the life sciences which interest lead to higher degrees under the auspices of the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB).  After departing academia, Koen Vanhalst went on to work as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office before joining De Clercq and Partners, while the firm immediately hired Andrej Michalík. Both retain specialisations in biotech patenting, and have become an integral part of the Belgian and Flemish life sciences environment and network. In daily practice they guide their clients in the realm of intellectual asset management, patent portfolio development, and patent procurement in Europe and beyond.

Declercq & Partners will present a workshop in the AM workshop session, presented by Andrej Michalík and Koen Vanhalst.


"Effective and business value-oriented patents: charting then navigating your route"

Exclusive command over your innovative technology underpins business success in the biotech and pharma space. Patents, which protect technical advancements are conceivably the most impactful and value-generating instrument in your ‘exclusivity toolbox’. To secure patents which accurately claim and describe the invented technology, dovetail with the existing patent portfolio and implement the overall business strategy, one must tap into diverse knowledge resources within an organisation. To this end, awareness of the key role played by patents and of the patenting process should be widely distributed throughout an organisation, and most certainly within R&D, marketing, legal and management.

In this workshop, patent attorneys of De Clercq & Partners, a leading intellectual property (IP) practice in Belgium and a prominent player in the biotech and medtech patent space in Europe, will take an across-the-board, practical and example-driven approach to enhance your appreciation of key facets and caveats of biotech patenting and to strengthen your ability to contribute to the patent portfolio strategy and patent procurement process within your organisation. Seasoned patent enthusiasts and curious neophytes are equally welcome.

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