Daap Kooij

Daap Kooij

Daap Kooij

Global Business Leader -

After completing his Masters in Medical Biology in Utrecht and an M.B.A. at the Rotterdam School of Management, Daap started his professional career at Organon Teknika in 1997 in a global marketing capacity in hemostasis diagnostics. Over time, he adopted new marketing- and BD related roles with increasing levels of responsibility, and in his last assignment he was Global Commercial Director for the molecular diagnostics. In 2000, Daap joined Virco, a Belgium-based biotech pioneer, as Director Business Development with an initial assignment in oncology diagnostics and later focusing on the HIV resistance. In 2002 Virco was acquired by Johnson & Johnson and he became Vice President, International Marketing and Sales. In 2008, his business focus extended to include viral hepatitis. In 2009, Virco’s business diversified further to include Health IT platform development, and as Global Business Leader, Daap was assigned responsibility for Infectious Diseases Diagnostics and Health IT. Today Daap is responsible within the J&J World Without Disease Acceleration group for Diagnostics Integration in support of Global Public Health and Digital Diagnostics.


Daap Kooij will give a presentation in the session "Future Platforms to DISCOVER", together with Ingrid Maes:

The Health Generation Foundation, tackling the last mile in (digital) health research 
– Call for creating a collaboration platform to access longitudinal data to generate health insights and enable health management solutions

The healthcare ecosystem is evolving from a disease treatment model to a prevention and early interception model. Several hurdles have been identified to realise personalised health, which is dependent on effective prevention and early intervention.

The Health Generation Foundation is an initiative that aims to create a novel and sustainable collaboration platform between stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. It will leverage complementary expertise, science, technologies and a connected infrastructure to engage with healthy individuals and to gain health insights derived from longitudinal real world data and bio-repositories.

The model will be an open “platform” starting from existing initiatives with data that can be enriched with data from healthy volunteers/participants. This initiative will evolve towards a “self-propelling” initiative with a “healthy living cohort of engaged and connected individuals” donating personal health data and biological samples to advance science. In exchange, these engaged individuals receive newly generated knowledge and personalized health insights as well as potentially other benefits.


The Health Generation Foundation bridges currently missing links and promotes engagement, collaboration, community building and dialogue, based on a revisited ownership model and knowledge generation, to inform personalised healthy ageing (a healthy future and longer healthy life), for a Flanders without disease.

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