Gary White

Gary White

Gary White

Senior Director, Strategic Site Solutions - IQVIA

Part of leadership team in European Strategic Site Solutions, whose remit is to deliver solutions across the region to better engage with clinical research sites, accelerating patient recruitment and driving healthcare forward.

Leads the strategy with our external clinical site networks and SMOs as well as the development of IQVIA’s support model for Academic research with a focus on developing commercial and non-commercial collaborations to enhance our ability to bring new therapies to our patients through innovation.

20 years in preclinical and clinical biopharmaceutical product development and 10 years with IQVIA within operational oversight and strategic alliances.

Extensive Analytical Chemistry, Central Lab and CRO experience within the global market.

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry with IT and Instrumentation from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Based at the IQVIA office in Edinburgh, Scotland


Gary White will present a lecture in the TEST session of the programme.

"Clinical Development 2020 - trends and transformations shaping drug development" Strategic Partners Supporting Partners