Gerben van ‘t Klooster

Gerben van ‘t Klooster

Gerben van ‘t Klooster

Senior Vice-President Early Development - Galapagos

Dr. Gerben van ‘t Klooster studied pharmacy and biochemical toxicology, and holds a PhD in pharmacology/pharmacokinetics from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Gerben has been active in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for 24 years. During a 6 year career within Janssen Pharmaceutica (J&J), Gerben was trained in clinical pharmacology, and led drug development programs in oncology and gastroenterology from Phase I through registration. He joined Tibotec (later acquired by J&J) to lead the development of antiviral drugs (HIV/HCV) for 10 years.


Five of his team’s compounds are now marketed drugs.


Gerben joined Galapagos in 2009 and led drug development programs in the field of inflammation, including Galapagos’ JAK1 inhibitor filgotinib as of its candidate selection. He currently oversees Galapagos’ drug development portfolio from preclinical through Phase 2 development, for candidate drugs in a variety of therapeutic indications (inflammation, osteoarthritis and (cystic) fibrosis).


Gerben van 't Klooster will give a presentation in the session "TEST New Life Sciences Solutions":


'Data-driven decision making in early clinical development'
Decision to either progress or discontinue compounds, from preclinical to and through the successive clinical phases, is based on emerging data. The quality of such data-driven decisions is highly dependent on a solid program and study design. In this talk, some real-life examples will be shared. Strategic Partners