Ineabel Carrillo-Ortiz

Ineabel Carrillo-Ortiz

Ineabel Carrillo-Ortiz

Senior Business Developer - SCK•CEN Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

Ineabel has recently joined the SCK•CEN Commercial and Marketing team and is responsible to identify and evaluate new business opportunities in the Life Sciences market for the production of radioisotopes, irradiation materials services, safety, and radioprotection. In collaboration with experts and the executive team, she is also responsible to assess value creation of new products and services to meet the radiopharmaceuticals growing demands.


Ineabel has 22 years of experience in the Life Sciences serving Pharma, biotech, academia, governmental institutions, public and private laboratories across the globe. She earned a bachelor degree in Chemistry, minor in Biology and M.B.A. in International Marketing from Rockford University in Rockford, Illinois (USA).


She developed her career working in various positions within R&D, sales, marketing and business development at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Later on, she served as a Director of Marketing, Sales and Business Development at DiscoveRx, Multiplicom (now Agilent Technologies), and GenePOC Diagnostics.


Her strengths relies on identifying new business opportunities and developing innovative marketing programs for share/gain conversion in the areas of expertise (i.e. Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Biomarkers, Assay Development, High Throughput Screening and Protein Chemistry).


Ineabel looks forward to providing you with an overview of SCK•CEN’s materials irradiation services and collaboration opportunities for nuclear medical applications during the 12:05 PM session: “Connect with Innovative Products” - Advances in radiobiology and impact on nuclear medicine


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