Olga Krylova

Olga Krylova

Olga Krylova

Senior Director, UK Global Scouting, External Science & Innovations - Pfizer

Olga is an accomplished Life Science and biotechnology executive with 15+ years of academic, industry and business experience. She holds a PhD in Neurobiology from Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. She has gained her post-doctoral experience from University College London and Imperial College London specialising in pain and neurodevelopmental research.

In 2002 Olga has moved to pharma industry and worked as a Principle Scientist in GlaxoSmithKline, Psychiatry Centre of Excellence for Drug Discovery in the UK. In her role at GSK Olga led a number of programs in early discovery. She later worked for Mitsui & Co Europe, London, as an Analyst in Business Development supporting private equity investment and pharma-related business.

Olga has joined Pfizer External Science & Innovations group in 2011 to be responsible for Pfizer R&D partnering in Russia, Eastern Europe and Israel. At her current role in Pfizer Olga is heading Pfizer R&D Scouting efforts in the UK looking for opportunities to partner from academic research to POC clinical stage assets across all the therapeutic areas of Pfizer R&D strategic interest.


Olga Krylova will give a presentation in the session "Partnering Opportunities":


"Forming innovative partnerships to treat human disease – Pfizer models and examples"


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