Tomas Landh

Tomas Landh

Tomas Landh

Innovation Sourcing VP - Novo Nordisk

Tomas Landh is since 2008 Director (Strategy and Innovation Sourcing) at Novo Nordisk, Diabetes Research Unit, where he is responsible for the scouting and evaluation of in particular, protein therapeutics and related technologies including new drug delivery systems for the treatment of diabetes, its microvascular complications and obesity.


Two years after joining Novo Nordisk in 2003, Tomas was recruited to the Diabetes Research Unit with scouting and evaluation of external technology opportunities for oral delivery of proteins as his main responsibility.


Prior to joining Novo Nordisk, Tomas was R&D Director and Chief Scientist at Camurus AB (1997-2002), a lipid drug delivery company and CEO for Lipid Research Foundation (2001-2003), a foundation sponsoring applied lipid research. Preceding his entrepreneurial career, he was Professor at State University New York at Buffalo doing basic research on cubic cell membrane morphologies and drug delivery. He received his PhD in Biophysical Engineering from Lund’s Institute of Technology.


Tomas has 25 years of experience of all stages of drug development and delivery, ranging from academia, small businesses, foundations and big pharma/biotech. He has authored a number of scientific papers and book chapters on cell membrane morphologies, pharmaceutical formulations, and holds a number of patents. He is currently an international advisor to LARTA/NIH- and NSF-CAP programs and member of the Science Advisory Board of QChip.


Tomas Landh will give a presentation in the session "Partnering Opportunities", together with Koen De Witte:


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